“Holmé:” a dark drama about the deconstruction and salvation of an American family.

HolmePoster1Out of the Box Productions are wrapping up production on

What makes Holmé groundbreaking is its use of the surreal and real. As each member of THE FAMILY creates a new way to heal from the traumas that were all around them, they descend deeper into their psyches and create new realities. After a pivotal scene of simply cooking dinner, THE FAMILY and the film descend into a new “surreality” that is both their salvation and their prison.

The screenplay, written by acclaimed UNDERGROUND French auteur, Jean-Luc Depardu II, based on themes from “Le Spleen de Paris” by Charles Baudelaire, a collection of 51 short prose poems, and associated with the surrealist literary movement, Holmé explores the dichotomy of twin sisters and their adopted brother (Katelyn Leveille, Erica Twiss, Jason W.D. Morris) and what they did to live through a totalitarian father. Theresa McCarthy appears as their semi-delusional mother.

Scheduled to premiere as early as Fall 2017, Holmé is already gathering attention from film distributors and art houses. Sporting both an American and foreign cast and crew, Holmé serves as both a commercial and artistic masterpiece.


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