“STRINGS” Charles Curtis’ powerful drama, as part of The Fresh Fruit Festival, celebrating 15 years

The Fresh Fruit Festival, celebrating 15 years, presents Charles Curtis’ powerful drama, STRINGS.

The Wild Project
195 East 3rd Street, NYC.

Monday 7/17, 7pm; Tuesday 7/18, 9pm; Thursday 7/20, 8:30pm

STRINGS“Strings” is about the secrets – the strings – that bind a modern day vigilante and a lawyer with an ulterior motive. Curtis’ engaging, thought-provoking … and unapologetic … drama explores the many hidden levels of being an African-American man in the 21st Century.

Charles Curtis’ play has challenged him in its creation and will challenge his audience – to make us all evaluate our own prejudice and stereotypes — ultimately understanding that we all are more alike than we realize. “I wrote this piece to give voice to the scores of men of color gunned down in the street. Young men like Trayvon, Philando, Akai, and others with so much to live for, and so much left to do” says playwright and actor, Charles Curtis, whose work was featured at the 2011 National Black Theatre Festival, selected for full performance at the 2014 DC Black Theatre Festival, and the 2016 Atlanta Black Theatre Fest (with “Strings”).

Creating dynamic tension on stage is John Cosentino as Derek, the lawyer; and Charvez Grant ​as the former detective, turned man living by his own law.

The Fresh Fruit Festival is a New York summer arts festival featuring the work of LGBT artists. Held every July, the festival was founded by Carol Polcovar in 2003, and sponsored by All Out Arts and New Village Productions.


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