CAUGHT DREAMING: A featured event at the 2017 NYSummerFest 



A new play by Ryan Dancho

“Loneliness is its own kind of madness,” quotes playwright Ryan Dancho.

When Brady’s shrink recommends he join group therapy to aid in a diagnosis of depression that just won’t quit, he’s thrown into the lives of social misfits and mental defectives who meet just as often outside therapy as in. Why take the pills when you just talk about it?

Ryan Dancho’s riveting new drama, Caught Dreaming features a group of individuals set in a world of ordinary madness: Judah, the ringleader and man on the mend, who’s just as much manic as he is schizophrenic. His girl, Elle, whose bipolar disorder is a source of creativity for her art. Angelo, the gay lech, who prefers the term manic-depressive because it’s more descriptive. Brady, the newcomer, navigating the waters of his millennial ennui with the help of some newly acquired friends. And Doctor Weir, the psychiatrist trying to reign them all in.

Crazies rejoice! You can find family in strangers if you just talk about it.

Caught Dreaming is a featured event at NY Summerfest, one of the largest festivals in New York. Help us make this a block-buster showing.

Caught Dreaming @ NYSummerfest!

The Hudson Guild Theater

459 West 29th St.

New York City

Thursday July 27 at 9pm

Saturday July 29 at 1pm

Sunday July 30 at 6pm

Our production is being co-produced by Elements Theater Collective


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