John J. Enright’s play, All Mixed Up, is a featured event at the FRESH FRUIT FESTIVAL, CELEBRATING 15 YEARS

mixedpostimageAll Mixed Up
by John J. Enright, directed by Rob Belchere
Friday 7/14, 5:30pm; Saturday 7/15, 4:30pm; Sunday 7/16, 8pm

This modern comedy explores the challenge of maintaining love and trust in an era of nontraditional relationships. Beth and Carrie, an interracial couple on the brink of parenthood, had agreed to have a mixed-race baby – i.e. using a white sperm donor. But days before the very pregnant Beth is due, she reveals she secretly found a black donor. When their fight is interrupted by the donor himself, hi-jinks ensue. The situation is all mixed up! (Even if the baby isn’t.)

A comedy about love, betrayal, trust, and the things that keep us apart.

Habi Coulibaly, as Beth
Ana Marie Calise, as Carrie
Jordan Fassina, as Ada
Andre Ozim, as Daniel

Beth and Carrie agreed to have a mixed baby,
who would look like both of them.

But Beth changed her mind,
and now the situation is all mixed up…
even if the baby isn’t


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