Twenty Thirty Four

Written by Matt Spangler

Directed by Danielle Earle

What would happen if our current president … stayed that way!?

2034: A cautionary tale written by Matt Spangler and directed by Danielle Earle presented in staged reading format on Wednesday evening, May 23 at 7:30 p.m. at the Jersey City Theater Center, 339 Newark AveJersey City … for a REAL horror story!

The year is 2034. Thanks to cryopreservation (and a touch of propaganda),
Donald Trump is still president … of the United States of Melania, a white supremacist society that has walled off the “undesirables” in California and Mexico.

Only one man can put an end to this epitome of dystopian future … Stan, an Apple computer programmer who has mastered the art of time travel and landed in a future that would terrify George Orwell and Doctor Who!

A little “1984,” a little “It Can’t Happen Here” a little “Sleeper” and a little “Twilight Zone” rolled into an hilarious package, this premiere staged reading is meant to set the stage for a full off-Broadway run in New York City in Fall 2018.

Playwright Matt Spangler recently relocated to Jersey City from Washington, DC, where he staged several successful productions with his sketch comedy troupe, Next Day Theater.

Danielle Earle is an award-winning New Jersey-based director for film and theater. In 2017, she directed “In the Attic” as part of New York’s Dream Up Festival at Theatre for the New City; and produced a horror film called “Lea,” written and directed by award-winning director, Jay Palmieri.




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