Twenty Thirty Four

Written by Matt Spangler

Directed by Danielle Earle

The year is, you guessed it, 2034, and through the miracle of cryopreservation (and a touch of propaganda), Donald Trump is still president. Of the United States of Melania, a white supremacist society that has walled off the *undesirables* in California and Mexico. Only one man can put an end to this heinousness: Stan, an Apple computer programmer who has slipped through a wormhole into this nightmare future. The staged reading at JCTC is the world premiere of this hilarious and outrageous comedy that sends up dystopian classics like Nineteen Eighty Four and It Can’t Happen Here. (Warning: contains strong language and adult themes.)

Playwright Matt Spangler recently relocated to Jersey City from Washington, DC, where he staged several successful productions with his sketch comedy company Next Day Theater. Danielle Earle is an award-winning New Jersey-based director for film and theater. In 2017, she directed In the Attic as part of New York’s Dream Up festival.

$5 entry


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