Two Gentlemen of Verona: A Swashbuckling Comedy! a featured event at The Brick’s Shakespeare in the Theatre Festival

Brick Theater’s Shakespeare in the Theater Festival presents a C.A.G.E. Theater & Step1 Theatre Project production of

Two Gentlemen of Verona: A Swashbuckling Comedy!

Two Gents

Can’t get to Central Park… no sweat … literally. Enjoy a festival of Shakespeare in an air conditioned theatre this summer. Now, imagine Shakespeare on the high seas!

C.A.G.E. Theater & Step1 Theatre Project bring you the Bard’s romantic comedy with an adventurous twist: pirates, swordplay, all forms of physical comedy, amid the Shakespearean prose courtesy of director Ariel Leigh and stage combat master, Michael Hagins.

In this adventure, Valentine is sent off to find his fortune in a new land, followed closely by his best friend, and he in turn followed by his love-struck girlfriend. Love conquers all … sure … but first we battle!

Production directed by Ariel Leigh with Fight Choreography by Michael Hagins. Nathan Edwin Keep, Stage Manager and Marcos, Assistant Stage Manager. Production features Beth Devlin, Erin Patrick Miller, Isaac Allen Miller, Noah Parks, Daniel Pascale, Annika Gullahorn, Dylan J. Sampson, Vanessa Schanen, Vanessa Wendt, and Michael Whitten.

Performances are Sat Aug 5 @ 4pm; Sun Aug 6 @ 7pm; Fri Aug 11 @ 9:30pm at The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Tickets $20.00:

The C.A.G.E. (Classical Avant-Garde Experimental) Theatre of New York City has been a company dedicated to bringing classical works to a modern audience. Artistic Director Michael Hagin premiered a play of his own, Michael is Black, at the most recent Planet Connection Festivity. Step 1 recently scored a victory as a featured event of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity as well. Step1 Theatre Project’s mission is to practice and promote artistic freedom. Step 1 also fosters the creative visions of many independent artists in NYC. Step 1’s support helps conquer the financial challenges that independent artists encounter when presenting their own work.


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