This summer, Christopher M. Struck’s debut novel, Kennig and Gold, is set to hit the shelf. This fascinating whirlwind of a novel has consistently drawn comparisons to The Great Gatsby as it weaves a seductive tale of passion set amidst the big band era and the nascent Jazz age in 1948. The young lovers must compete against the very contemporary issues impacting generations of modern readers of: location, career, and personal philosophy. Each will clash and threaten to disrupt a match fit for Shakespeare.

Cynthia Gold has just completed her degree at Columbia University and is set to move back to London when she spies the young, Daniel Kennig, across a café on 11th street and Broadway. Intrigued by the boy with the book, she approaches him setting in place a sequence of events that will change their fates forever. After an incredible evening dancing at a party at one of New York’s finest hotels, they debate their tremulous future. Cynthia tells him she must leave New York, and although she likes him, their ill-fated romance must end.

That’s when Daniel Kennig surprises her and himself, promising to put aside his career to follow her to Europe. Behind his calm exterior, Daniel’s mind has turned. He’s just booked a gig at a mid-tier Manhattan night club to follow his childhood dream to be a singer. He can’t afford a trip across the ocean, or the life that Cynthia leads, but with a deal struck with his manager to delay the shows, he can catapult himself into Cynthia’s life and win her heart.

The deal has been struck. Daniel Kennig and Cynthia Gold will rendezvous in Europe. However, to make their relationship work, Daniel must not only win her heart, but the heart of Cynthia’s callous, widowed mother, while fending off English royalty with an eye on Gold. Ultimately, they must confront their underlying differences before the duo can even dream of returning happily to New York where waiting for Danny is the deal that began it all.

To find out more about the novelist, Christopher M. Struck, you can visit his website, The book is set to be published by BHC Press in Livonia, Michigan, and will be available through Barnes and Noble and Amazon on June 11th, 2019

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