Happily Ever After?


Vital Arts presents a musical about a family becoming a family played by the family


Happy If Happy When: A Family Musical


Part of the 10th anniversary season of Planet Connections Theatre Festivity at the Theaters at the Clemente
107 Suffolk Street, New York City
(btw Rivington & Delancey)
Thursday 7/26 @5:30pm-7:00pm

Friday 7/27 @6:15pm-7:45pm

Saturday 7/28 @1:15pm-2:45pm


This is the story of Kimerer LaMothe & Geoffrey Gee. A family of seven who moved to the country to follow their dreams. While mom & dad needed a place to grow their art … the kids wanted to grow other things. However, their impression of handling a farm and actually doing it showed itself to be two very different things. As each person goes through their own journey, they, like the farm itself – blossom into stronger people. They all come to a deeper realization of how much they need one another to create their own works of art.
The LaMothe family is played by [wait for it] THE ACTUAL LAMOTHE FAMILY.


Who better to share … and sing … the lessons learned by Kimerer, Geoffrey, Jordan, Jessica, Kyra, Kai, and Leif than







… and Leif.


Here Art doesn’t imitate life … it is LIFE.


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