tn-500_VRPostcard_Front2(1)-uWhat’s worse than doing the thinkable … not knowing why.


Step1 Theatre Project opens its 2018 season with a gripping thriller written by award-winning, prolific playwright, Michael Hagins, whose work has been seen across the Indie Theatre skyline greatly in the last few years.

THE PLOT: Five strangers afflicted with amnesia find themselves in a secluded room with a table and four weapons – and a set of instructions with only one way to leave.  Who will survive the deadly guidelines?  And who is behind the torturous game?


Vengeance Room features Ariel Cohen, Michael Mena, Mateo Moreno, Kat Moreno, and Ashley Rogers


The production, part of the 11th Annual FRIGID Festival (February 14 – March 5) performing at UNDER St. Marks & The Kraine Theater, will have a run of five-showings:

Performance Dates:

Thursday Feb 15th –  5:30pm

Sunday Feb 18th –  12:00pm

Thursday Feb 22nd –  10:30pm

Saturday Feb 24th –  8:20pm

Sunday March 4th –  1:50pm


Ticket info and venue will be announced shortly. Visit for more details.


Step1 Theatre Project’s mission is to practice and promote artistic freedom.

While they work to present their own bold, meaningful productions, they also feel that the creative visions of many independent artists in NYC are not being realized due to the financial challenges associated with funding their own work.  S1TP has made a commitment toward new, innovative ways of supporting fellow artists; this includes sharing resources, promoting new works, donation of funds, rehearsal space, and/or performance space–anything within our means–that will result in one more platform an artist did not previously have. They seek to foster and inspire the next generation of artists and encourage them to produce their projects fearlessly, regardless of the challenges.


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