Island of No TIme 2 color.jpg

What happens when Time runs out … literally?

The Island of No Time (A Timeless Tale) by Kristen Lowman, directed by Sara Ravid

Part of the 10th anniversary season of Planet Connections Theatre Festivity at the Theaters of the Clemente
107 Suffolk Street, New York City
(btw Rivington & Delancey)

Special Presentation: Thursday 7/19 @3pm-5:15pm

A little Lewis Carroll, a lotta David Lynch, and just a hint of George Lucas

The Island of No Time (A Timeless Tale) by Kristen Lowman

Mother Time has stormed off leaving Father Time to his technology.
Time has stopped on the Island.

Hour, Minute & Second are unemployed.

With time to control them, Deliadeath and Adamort – two Macbeth-style witches – can now wreak havoc for all eternity. But just in case, they are now trying to inhabit the souls of two shipwrecked children in case Mom & pop Time patch things up.

With help from Badass, Natterjack, Nutty Tree, and the Queen of Stink, the race is on.

Will the children be saved, along with mankind and the planet?
Will Father Time and Mother Time be reunited?

Only Time will tell.

Kristen Lowman’s tale is a dark and humorous fable for all ages.

Director Sara Ravid leads the way for entertainment and enlightenment.

Save Time … Order Tickets in Advance!


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