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Diary of a Madman 

Los Angeles, New York, Dubai-New York!!! 
After its successful Off Broadway Run in NY and a special engagement at the Junction Theater in Dubai
Ilia Volok brings his award winning solo show back to New York! 
3 Shows only!
July 20,21,22 
LA Weekly Theater Award-Best Solo Performance! 
Only in his madness does the lowly anti-hero attain greatness! 
Written by  Nikolai Gogol 
Starring  Ilia Volok
Directed by Eugene Lazarev
Where and When:
American Theatre of Actors
Friday July 20@8pmSaturday July 21@8:00 pm and Sunday July 22@3pm.
Running time: 70 minutes
Tickets $35.00 
To Buy Tickets Visit:
Additional ininformation
1-424-272 1135
More info:
Diary of a Madman-Trailer&People’s comments- 59 sec 
The Plot:
 A story of a low-ranking civil servant, who yearns to be noticed by a beautiful woman, with whom he has fallen in love. As his madness deepens, he begins to believe himself to be the heir to the throne of Spain… ” 
Here’s what critics are saying:
New York Run Reviews&Quotes:
The Front Row Center
“…A triumph of acting for Ilia Volok! ….a performance of beauty and intensity.”
Holli Harms (Front Row Center Arts) 

Local Theatre NY
“…Fervent and heartbreaking ingenuity of Ilia Volok’s performance… ”
Joanna Connolly 

Drama Queen Reviews

“…Performed with consummate skill and precision by Ilia Volok.
…tightrope act that comes off beautifully.”
“…Keeps the audience captivated and entertained throughout. It takes a great actor to bring that type of character to life and Mr. Volok deserves to be commended for his success in doing that.”
Anthony J. Piccione OnStage Contributing Critic


Splash Magazine Worldwide

“Volok’s commitment to his character is unimpeachable. Every glance, movement, sound, word, laugh and cry of his severely troubled tale is rendered with palpable pain as well as the innocence of truth.”
Splash Magazine Worldwide
By Charles E. Gerber

“…bravura performance…”

“Ilia Volok  definitely commands the stage, his performance is heroic…”
Darryl Reilly, Critic
Theater Scene

“…the thrill of watching Volok. He achieves the character.”
…Volok is remarkable at playing nuts. He tumbles between multiple layers of reality and unreality, captivating all the while with his confusion.”
“… he dug deeper into our hearts.”
Outer Stage
2/5 2018
Posted on 5 Feb 2018 by Natasha Dawsen, Editor
Review by Robert Gottlieb

“…the brilliant painting that is Volok’s performance…”
“…keeps the audience on the edges of their seats…”
“…The raw emotion displayed by Volok…”
“In addition to being a powerful and entertaining piece of art,  Diary of a Madman  is a profound commentary on mental illness, homelessness, and empathy.”
Drama queen
2/7 2018
Drama Queens Review
Natalie Lifson is mad for “Madman”

“Volok’s performance was amazing!”
New York Events
One Man Madness
Nicholas Tzoumas

Los Angeles Run Reviews&Quotes 
LA Weekly
“…Makes Ilia Volok’s fevered and fascinating one-man turn as Poprishin…all the more remarkable.”  “…Volok delineates the delirium with a fierce yet finely modulated intensity…” “…Engaging production…”  “GO”
Bill Raden.
LA Stage Happenings
“…Diary of a Madman is a bold and unique actor’s showcase and a performance well worth attending…”  “…The tour de force performance delivered by Volok…”  “…Unwavering devotion to the character….”    “…Volok is gripping,  endearing and steadfast in his role…”  “…Diary of a Madman succeeds primarily due to Volok’s fully committed performance.”
“…Volok’s finely-tuned characterization is fueled by his workhorse energy.” 
“…Poprishin played masterfully by Ilia Volok..”    “…Volok gives a powerful and commanding performance that this reviewer will long remember” (Willard Manus). 


“For a single person showcase it doesn’t get any better than this!”
(Vol. 21-No. 24-Week of June 13th, 2016Rich Borowy

La Stage Times
“…Ilia Volok is amazing to watch…he is alternately graceful and awkward, balletic and clanky, whimsical and fearful.”   
 “…Ilia Volok and director Eugene Lazarev have brought blood, sweat and tears to this classic short    story…”   
Cynthia Citron.
Los Angeles Times
“With demonic glint and flamboyant gestures,  Volok certainly lives up to the title…”
 Phillip Brandes.
“…An absolute must-see,  with a performance by Volok that is so riveting that as his insanity escalates,  he maintains a powerful core that never dissipates.””…This talented actor takes on the adaptation,  written by Nikolai Gogol,  with an intense range of emotions,  both scary and,  at times, surprisingly tender.” 
Examiner.com  (Bonnie Priever).

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