Egg & Spoon Theatre Collective presents a staged reading of Massive, a dark comedy by Maura Campbell and directed by Robert Moss. Massive concerns George, a British actor who endures intensive radiation and chemotherapy for a massive throat tumor caused by the HPV virus. Thanks to the morphine treatments, George thinks he’s dead – or at least his life is starting to look that way. Left alone with his mother-in-law (who’s addicted to online shopping), a pet Beetle named Prince Hal, and the ghost of his dead brother when his wife is rushed to the hospital herself, George confronts the massive upheaval that is the stage show of his life: the roles he’s played, the disease, the treatment, his debilitating tracheotomy, and those poor souls in the chemo ward who never made it out, alive. All the while an omnipresent Kafkaesque Creature teaches George that grotesqueness and beauty co-exist in every moment and how to live in the world we create for ourselves.

Campbell met London-based actor Stephen Bergman in 2017 when she was in London workshopping a play. Bergman, a cast member, later shared that it was the first stage work he had done since recovering from Stage 4 throat cancer. While undergoing treatment, Bergman made a film about his experiences and kept a personal journal. He also explained that the type of cancer he had is completely preventable with vaccinations but that the U.K. was only vaccinating girls. Campbell and Bergman decided that she would create a stage play tackling the disease, treatment and massive upheaval on the family. Bergman provided the film footage and journal for Campbell’s research.

Campbell is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter (Los Angeles, Flower Duet, New York, The Song of Bernadette Jones, Edinburgh, Seagull Invasion). Robert Moss is founder of Playwrights Horizons in New York and a nationally acclaimed theatre director and teacher.

Massive features Stephen Bergman, Christopher Denham (New York, China Doll, TV, Billions), Marylouise Burke (New York, Kimberly Akimbo, Film, Sideways).

A staged reading of the play will be October 29, 2018 at 7PM at 416 West 42nd Street, New York, NY.



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