Doctor Frankenstein, a play by George Allison asks, “What if Mary Shelley got it wrong… on purpose?”

George Allison has created – not a monster – but a play about a monstrous story.

In it, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, his life’s work laid to waste by Mary Shelley‘s vindictive novel, summons an audience of ghosts from his mind to his operating theatre to present “his side of the story” in a bid to salvage his name and reputation.

This new riff on the classic tale is no adaption… it is an account from the real Dr. Frankenstein. Articulate Theatre allows him to set the record straight about his legacy, which, to him, was destroyed by Mary Shelley‘s “tall tale.” Mary Shelley created Frankenstein “from a dream;” Victor believes there was much more reality involved … his reality. What was meant to be a fictional exploit for millions, sent Frankenstein down a path of destruction in a story untold…until now. Tonight, he gets his revenge!

ATC is thrilled to work with George Allison and Eric Siegal – both alum of ABC News; and TONY-nominee, Dennis Parichy, a founding member of Circle Rep

Currently in fundraising and in pre-production after a wildly successful reading of the play, Articulate Theatre gears for a November run.

Articulate Theatre Company is an ensemble driven company who thrive on being storytellers. Our simple mantra is ‘good stories, told well.’ Guided by the three definitions of ‘articulate,’ -clarity, structure and connectivity- we are committed to challenging and connecting audiences and artist with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking and visually striking. Storytelling is the heart of theatre. And the stories we like to tell involve myth, magic and the mundane: Mythical creatures bringing new perspective to our mundane lives, or typical people doing epic things. Gods, faeries, artists, plumbers, teachers, heroes, villains, accountants, florists – when these elements combine, we see our reality in a new way. Visit for more details.

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