Dark Planet Banner

Planet Connections Announces Its Directors Repertory for “DARK PLANET: Not Your Mother’s Valentine’s Day” presented by Planet Connections Theatre Festivity; performing Thursdays and Fridays, February 6 – 21 at the Theater at the 14th Street Y, 344 E 14th St, New York City.

A cavalcade of acclaimed Playwrights, Directors, Actors and Friends – all Planet Connections Award Winning and Nominated artists – will offer-up a plethora of playlets looking at the world through less-than rose-colored glasses. Some very funny, some brutal, PCTF continues its mission to entertain audiences thirsty for enlightenment.

Three Men With Guns by Monica Bauer; Shadow Dance by Jake Brasch; Fievel Dridge, The Great Orator of Fishingstill by Erik Champney; The Second Coming by Gabrielle Fox; Wild Side by Glory Kadigan; Text Angel by Drew Larimore; A Day At The Beach by Quincy Long; Reconcile, Bitch by Desi Moreno-Penson; Playthings by Jan Rosenberg; Play With Me by Lenny Schwartz


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