Future Proof Productions is excited to announce their next live event: UCC Omega: Your First Look at The Final Frontier of Film – the Ultimate Cinema Convention.
Running October 12, 19, and 27, at 90 Waterbury Street,
UCC is an immersive event set at a film industry convention hosted by Luxury Universal [e]Xperience corporation (LUX). The event will feature keynotes and exhibits that show off LUX’s innovations in consumer film technology.

Fans are invited to engage with a host of characters, each of which is 100% interactive. From movie-production-themed puzzles to secret hacker missions, there is absolutely no wrong way to go experience the night. No matter which threads you choose to pull, the entire venue is packed full of secrets to find, lore to learn, and horrifying robots to… Sorry did we say horrifying robots?

Future Proof been producing an interactive narrative since Summer of 2017. The story has played out across social media, digital video, weird corners of the internet, and live shows in NYC. They were even a prominent sponsor at 2017 COMICCON! They believe everything should be truly interactive, and go to extreme lengths to build out their fictional characters, companies, and organizations so that their fans can reach out and influence every part of the narrative.

I was there at the beginning … nothing short of brilliant!

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