Faculty Portrait


Prime Number Productions

Faculty Portrait

IN RESIDENCE: March 3 – 23, 2020

A year after a school shooting claimed the life of his wife, Mr. Y finds himself teaching in the same classroom where the tragedy occurred. As he is interviewed for the school yearbook, Mr. Y revisits the true horrors of the shooting with three students tied to the event. As their memories flash back to the shooting and the events leading up to it, their shared guilt is in turns heightened and assuaged until they accept the mistakes of the past.

PERFORMANCES: Opening March 6th, 730pm
3/7 – 730pm, 3/8 – 3pm, 3/11 – 730pm, 3/12 – 730pm, 3/13 – 730pm, 3/14 – 730pm, 3/15 – 3pm, 3/18 – 730pm, 3/19 – 730pm, 3/20 – 730pm, 3/21 – 3pm , 3/21 – 730pm, 3/22 – 3pm

PRICE: $15
At IRT:154 Christopher st. NYC #3B (third floor)

Playwright: Sean David DeMers
Director: Ariel Francoeur


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