Dark Times: Broadway Sleeps

Dan Lane Williams, DLW Photography, is an NYC based photographer. He has been shooting in NYC since 2010 and has traveled north in the pursuit of wedding images as far as Sullivan Maine and all over the Tristate area in pursuit of images. DLW also has a studio on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Dan has created a wide variety of images from event photography to behind the scenes theatre and film. Headshots, portraiture, food and environmental images are also images he seeks to create. Light is the key ingredient in mastering the art of photography and we are always seeking ways of seeing and creating with it. This collection titled ‘Broadway Gone Dark’, is a collection images in around the theatre district during this most chaotic of times.
Dan Lane looks forward to working with any and all of you to create the images you are looking for. ‘The Work is the Thing’

Broadway_Naps_2_-0639-1-web (1)



Broadway_Naps_3_-0693-1-web (1)






Hades Town_web

Barrymore_ web






20200524-20200513_HAMILTON copy_web

20200521-Book of Mormon_web





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