Indie Theater in NYC is larger than Off-Broadway and Broadway combined. You need to cut through the noise to make audiences choose to see your work.


JMC’s aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns combined with its vast array of in-house guaranteed promotional opportunities and venues as well as a sliding scale fee structure allows for enhanced visibility; positive and productive recognition; valuable search engine optimization,  and a solid internet posterity driven internet footprint. Jay Michaels, as a producer, has been doing it for himself for 40 years; as a communications professional, he and his team have been doing it for YOU for 20 years. 

JMC offers…

      • GENERAL PRESS RELEASE SENDINGS — more than 1000 industry professionals receive generalized announcements as well as individualized press notices tailor made to target demographics. 
      • AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT — through opt-in arts patron email lists; assistance in creation and implementation of crowdfunding; extensive and focused social media usage; serving as coordinator of papering for performances; creation and implementation of industry lists and invitations and the promotional materials to be enclosed and submitted. 
      • DESIGN CAPABILITIES/MEMES — JMC offers simple in-house designs to be used for promotion, printing, and social media meme use. 
      • SOCIAL MEDIA — Facebook post/event creation and maintenance; Twitter feed, LinkedIn articles; Instagram photos. All used on an unlimited/as-needed basis.
      • MEDIA ADVISORIES including casting updates; photo promotion (rehearsal, previews); new developments in production and other announcements will be employed through mini-releases, personal notes, social media; and other visibility-enhancing methods. 
      • LISTING NOTICES created and circulated through Spingo; TimeOut; BroadwayWorld; TheatreMania; and many others including an in-house listings section. 
      • PRESS PHOTOS — Formatted for web and print media. JMC in-house photographer, Dan Lane Williams, can create a portfolio of imagery for your production for a small additional fee. 
      • SOLICITATION OF ARTICLES AND REVIEWS — JMC has a battery of weblogs that can foster articles, interviews, and reviews; JMC fosters two podcasts allowing stage and filmmakers an opportunity to chat about their works; Station JMC on YouTube will create video opportunities including interviews, panel discussions, and screenings; Jay Michaels also serves as moderator for panels and discussions as well as a co-producer.  
      • ADVERT BROKERING — Relationships with BroadwayWorld, I-Heart-Radio, TimeOut, TheaterMania enable JMC to offer discounts as well as contract negotiation, media buying, and composition and editing of commercial copy.
      • BRAND AND IMAGE CONSULTATION — General promotional needs or specific demographic formulation and cultivation as well as content marketing is part of JMC campaigns and promotions
      • DONOR CAMPAIGN COORDINATION Philanthropic solicitation and crowdfunding can be created and implemented
      • E-PRESS KITS — Available for download, email, or hard-copy
      • EVENT & PRODUCTION COORDINATION — as a consultant or associate producer, JMC can negotiate contracts, assist in hiring and casting, research resources, budget design, and union needs.
      • INFLUENCER MARKETING Essentially, each campaign will include personal endorsements and follow-ups to press materials. Basically, each campaign will be two campaigns.
      • Appearances on PODCASTS & VIDEO TELECASTS – both with viral capabilities

Indie theatre and film – for all it’s innovation and daring – is too easily ignored due to our commercial conditioning as well as the obvious imbalance between opportunity and visibility. JMC WILL WORK WITH AND FOR YOU to level that obstacle and get your work the respect it deserves!