Indie Theater in NYC is larger than Off- and On Broadway combined. You NEED someone to help cut through the noise to make audiences choose YOUR PLAY!!! They need to choose YOU over the countless others; attend YOUR ENTRY in a festival; take the train one more stop to YOUR THEATRE see YOU ON STAGE! 

Jay-A&E’s aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns combined with sliding scale fee structures have created visibility for off-off Broadway, independent film, and fine artisan works since 1997.

Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment is made up of artists just like you – writers, directors, actors – who are also administrators, copywriters, designers, IT specialists, and photographers. Fellow artists writing your press releases, designing your adverts, working with review sites, and so much more! Dedicated professionals who understand your needs and will work hard to help you achieve them.

JMAE already offers…

    • GENERAL PRESS RELEASE SENDINGS — more than 300 industry professionals
      • Plus “FOCUSED” PRESS RELEASES — On target demographics
      • Opt-in arts patron emailing lists and enhancement services including Play-by-Play; Theatre Extras; TheatreMania Gold Club; Club Free Time
    • MEMES ON YOUR SHOW designed IN-HOUSE with Photos plus quotes, logos, teasers
    • SOCIAL MEDIA — Facebook posts/event creation; Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
    • MEDIA ADVISORIES including Casting updates; Photos (rehearsal, previews)
    • LISTING NOTICESwith Spingo; TimeOut; BroadwayWorld; TheatreMania;
    • PRESS PHOTOS — Formatted for web and print media
    • SOLICITATION OF ARTICLES AND REVIEWS — All outlets related to the project and its demographic (guaranteed coverage in these areas)



    • ADVERT DESIGN AND BROKERING — Relationships with BroadwayWorld, I-Heart-Radio, TimeOut, TheaterMania
    • BRAND AND IMAGE CONSULTATION — General promotional needs or specific demographic formulation and cultivation
    • INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES — In-House Podcast; viral videos



    • E-PRESS KITS — Available for download, email, or hard-copy
    • EVENT & PRODUCTION Coordination



    • BOX OFFICE COORDINATION – ticket management and lists
    • PROGRAM DESIGN – can interface with Playbill for larger productions


    Jay Michaels Arts and Entertainment returns this year prepared to do battle for the visibility of your production.

    We’ve restructured our administrative and financial areas and now we are able to offer new opportunities:

    • JMa&e will utilize influencer marketing on all client promotions. This will, essentially, allow each campaign to include press and endorsements. Basically, each campaign will be two campaigns.
    • JMa&e is now a full-site sponsor of Five Star Arts Journals, so client coverage can be enhanced.
    • JMa&e is inaugurating a video series called VISIONARIES, which will be 15-20 minute video interviews for social media and will live on my YouTube channel.
    • In The PassionPit will now feature stronger topics and multiple interviews in each episode.
    • JMa&e is enhancing its production consultation section so feel free to call upon us for production needs as well. This extends to backers auditions, staged readings, and more.
    • JMa&e has entered into an arrangement with photographer Dan Lane Williams who will offer clients discounts on press photos.

    Indie theatre – for all it’s innovation and daring – is do easily ignored due to our commercial conditioning. It’s up to those of us within the community to build our own type of visibility. 

    What we do is art … So let’s put on an art exhibit.





Contact: 347-497-4814