Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment is made up of artists just like you – writers, directors, actors – who are also administrators, copywriters, designers, IT specialists, and photographers. Fellow artists writing your press releases, designing your adverts, working with review sites, and so much more! Dedicated professionals who understand your needs and will work hard to help you achieve them.


    • GENERAL PRESS RELEASE SENDINGS — more than 300 industry professionals
      • Plus “FOCUSED” PRESS RELEASES — On target demographics
      • Opt-in arts patron emailing lists and enhancement services including Play-by-Play; Theatre Extras; TheatreMania Gold Club; Club Free Time
    • MEMES ON YOUR SHOW designed IN-HOUSE with Photos plus quotes, logos, teasers
    • SOCIAL MEDIA — Facebook posts/event creation; Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
    • MEDIA ADVISORIES including Casting updates; Photos (rehearsal, previews)
    • LISTING NOTICESwith Spingo; TimeOut; BroadwayWorld; TheatreMania;
    • PRESS PHOTOS — Formatted for web and print media
    • SOLICITATION OF ARTICLES AND REVIEWS — All outlets related to the project and its demographic (guaranteed coverage in these areas)



    • ADVERT DESIGN AND BROKERING — Relationships with BroadwayWorld, I-Heart-Radio, TimeOut, TheaterMania
    • BRAND AND IMAGE CONSULTATION — General promotional needs or specific demographic formulation and cultivation
    • INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES — In-House Podcast; viral videos



    • E-PRESS KITS — Available for download, email, or hard-copy
    • EVENT & PRODUCTION Coordination



    • BOX OFFICE COORDINATION – ticket management and lists
    • PROGRAM DESIGN – can interface with Playbill for larger productions





    • I have spent 15 years as senior marketing executive for an international philanthropic event organization, plotting everything from
      • catered meetings to educational events and panels;
      • guest artists to full-scale productions and functions;
      • as well as commercials and videos including testimonials and documentaries.
    • I am not a stranger to concerts, bands, vocal groups, and cabaret entertainment (on all levels – the more modern stylings as well as traditional).
    • Independently, I have worked with numerous concert producers including Ed Levine; as well as having promoted bands and groups.


    • I am now making great strides in the independent film industry as well. This gives me opportunity to create promotional and event videos of clients as well as commercials.


    I have also worked with many of the major NYC Theatre Arts Festivals as their director of public relations, including

    • Downtown Urban Arts Festival
    • Planet Connections Theatre Festival
    • Midtown International Theatre Festival
    • Spotlight-On Festivals
    • Fresh Fruit Festival
    • Trans-Theatre Festival at Brooklyn’s Brick Theatre


    As well as handling individual productions within

    • The NY International Fringe Festival
    • Yeshiva Arts Festival
    • Summer/WinterFests at the Hudson Guild
    • Frigid Festival
    • New York New Works Festival


    I also understand the specific promotional needs and restrictions of contract productions so larger projects (“Off” as opposed to “Off-Off”) can be handled through my office in terms of promotion.

    I also understand how far a dollar is forced to go in the arts, so I am always willing to negotiate price and services. Art is collaborative … we can both succeed.




    Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment














    Jay Michaels is a producer/director, marketing and public relations executive, entrepreneur & educator. He has been part of the indie theater and film scene since 1985. In 1997, he took the knowledge he acquired as a theater producer; event consultant; commercial casting director; national tour manager; promotional coordinator for a media buyer; and production associate for PBS and founded the boutique PR firm that now bears his name. Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment creates visibility for self-producing stage artists and production companies on the East & West coasts and in multiple film arenas. Stage clients include Planet Connections Theatre Festivity; Downtown Urban Arts Festival; Fresh Fruit Festival; Richard Skipper Celebrates; the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble; Opera at Hunter College; Spotlight-On Festivals; Playwrights/Authors Doug DeVita, Gary Morgenstein, Patrick Hickey, Jr., Anthony J. Piccione, and Dorian Palumbo; Cabaret Artists Rev. Mary, Lane Bradbury, Andrea Bell Wolff, and Granny’s Blue-Mers. Film clients include award-winning filmmakers, Eliana Ujueta (“Beneath The Rock,” “The Airport Run”) Ben Goldstein (“Jack London”) the late Steve Silver (“The Watchtower,”) and Johnny B. Dunn (“Free Range”). JMA&E also produces live promotional events. Michaels presented live promo events for the HBO Summer Stage, Spotlight-On Film Festival, and the promo showings of “UVX,” a live theater and film hybrid, which was a sponsor of the 2017 New York ComicCon. In 1999, he and Mary Elizabeth Micari formed Genesis Repertory Ensemble, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to giving opportunities to emerging artists in the stage and film (and live event) industries. A professor of communications at Kingsborough College, Michaels continues to appear as a guest speaker and artist throughout the tri-state area at universities and arts organizations.


Indie Theater in NYC is larger than Off- and On Broadway combined. You NEED someone to help cut through the noise to make audiences choose YOUR PLAY!!! They need to choose YOU over the countless others; attend YOUR ENTRY in a festival; take the train one more stop to YOUR THEATRE see YOU ON STAGE! 

Jay-A&E’s aggressive marketing and promotional campaigns combined with sliding scale fee structures have created visibility for off-off Broadway, independent film, and fine artisan works since 2001.