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Here’s to Patrick Hickey and ReviewFix

I’ve read many stories of the great journalists of back-in-the-day, and their support of great – or at least – innovative art. Like the story of Walter Kerr traveling to the original East River Amphitheater in rainstorms to see the talented and yet unknown actors perform in Joseph Papp’s original Shakespeare in the Park and then – still drenched – writing a review so they have as much lead time as possible.

Do you feel a tinge of envy for Papp, jealousy over it, maybe just wistfulness as this is obviously a bygone era.

Then you haven’t met Patrick Hickey.

Hickey runs a lively arts site called ReviewFix, where you – with the click of a mouse – can learn what classic play is being done and where, then read an interview with a power player on film, THEN return to those thrilling days of your youth and find out what the latest news in Marvel Comics, WWE, and video games.

Sounds a bit eclectic? How about simply EXACTLY what we need!

Hickey figured it out. The diversity of the world’s interests reflect our ever-growing, ever-changing minds. He figured out that – as the world comes together – it gets even more splintered. How many #1s are out there now? How many top 10; top 40; top 100?

The concept of moving forward doesn’t indicate how many “forwards” there actually are.

Hickey does.

He created a site where you can see what’s new on stage in places you didn’t know had stages … films from people and places about subjects you might NEVER know … hear a snip of music from a band that will touch your soul, and then take you back to your parent’s basement with the latest evolution of Spiderman; Jim Ross’ take on Wrestling, or Merge Games’ Will Sykes about a game that – frankly – is what Hickey’s site is … Perfect Universe.

And by the way, he is a journalism professor, so he is imparting this wisdom to the next generation.

Patrick Hickey is an open-minded, good-hearted soul who knows that you don’t throw away your youth when you grow mature. You take it by the hand and walk with it into the future. Like any superhero.

He should join the Avengers.

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In two weeks, John Chatterton’s Midtown International Theater Festival
begins its 17th Year…Not too shabby.

In 2001, I was at my aunt & uncle’s house for a holiday gathering and saw a blip on my phone. I excused myself to the other room and answered the call. It was Mr. Chatterton’s representative for the Midtown International Theater Festival Year 2. I had been informed that my production of Richard III was to be part of the festival that year.

I stopped my family festivities cold by letting out a scream of joy.

To this day, that production of Richard III is looked at in my heart as one of the best things, Genesis Repertory has produced. It’s rewards were great and varied. I was so very honored to be part of the Midtown Festival.

Well, that was 15 years ago. I’ve been part of many MITFs… now I’m even its public relations manager. I’m a “cook in the kitchen.” So now after all these years and all these shows…

I’m still honored to be part of one of New York’s finest theater events.

Looking forward to the 20th Anniversary… maybe I’ll present Richard III