Art is more than imitating life – as the expression goes – it facilities; it communicates, it combats it. Articulate Theatre Company explores the role of the artist’s role in activism with the Art of Protest.

Articulating The Arts: The Art of Protest: April 3 – 6 (April 3 – 5 @ 8pm; April 6 @ 7pm) at TADA Theatre 15 W. 28th St, NYC, 2nd Floor. Tkts:

Visual artists – as an ad or a picket sign – create images that stick in our collective minds and allow their visual to visualize change. Articulate will team playwrights with visual artists to create Articulating the Arts, Articulate Theatre Company’s signature benefit event examining other art forms through the lens of theatre. It brings together the ATC ensemble and guest artists with unique works of art to use as a springboard and source of inspiration for new theatre works. For past sessions, we’ve responded to classic paintings, folk music, children’s folklore, and more.

Today’s world has challenged us to look at how artists impact change in the world through protest images, as our playwrights create new theatre works in response to the art created to invoke change in our society and beyond: The Art of Protest!

Participating Playwrights: J. B. Alexander, Jaisey Bates, Thomas C. Dunn, Jeff Dunne, Elizabeth Gordon, Liv Matthews, Robin Rice, Scott C. Sickles, Judd Lear Silverman, and Bara Swain

Participating Directors: Janet Bentley, Tekla GaughanMichael HaginsKatrin Hilbe, Brock Hill, Joan KaneBrian Gillespie, Cat Parker, and Catherine Vargas

Participating Actors: Sarah Babb,* Grant Bowen,* David Palmer Brown,* J. Dolan Byrnes,* Laurence Cantor,* Joanne Dorian,* Arianna Ennis, Brad Fryman,* Michael Gnat,* Kylie Kelder, David Lamberton,* Sarah Okada, Denise Pence,* Eric Percival,* Briana Sakamoto,* Sharon Talbot,* Valerie Terranova,* Brittney Venable, and William Franke*

Participating Designer: George Allison (Scenic Design); Janet Bentley (Sound Design); Morry Campbell (Sound Consultant)

Articulate Theatre Company is committed to challenging and connecting audiences and artists with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking, visually striking and timeless.

Articulate produces “mythical” theatre that is based around the three definitions of ‘articulate:’ clarity, structure and connectivity: challenging and connecting audiences and artists with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking and visually striking.

IRTE 2019: Fasten your seat belts!!!

Sinkin Ship FrontPowerPoint Presentation

The Ship Be Sinkin’

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS April 5, 6, 12 & 13, 8:00pm

Tickets $15 Online / $17 at the Door

The Producers Club

358 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036

Conceived and Directed by Robert Baumgardner

With Special Guest Improvisers TBA

The largest cruise ship ever built is going down!!

What did it hit? Who will survive? Why does that singer keep singing?

Find out at the hilarious improvised comedy that will float your boat!

Featuring Musical Guests TBA

Granny’s back in I’m SOOO High: Rev. Mary’s Reefer Revue
April 6 @ 9:30 at Pangea, 172 Second Avenue, NYC

Join us for some more wild and woolly word-play from back-in-the-day. This time, it’s not sexy banter but smoky phrasing! 

Song-stylists of the roaring 20s and 30s supplied the crowds of the speakeasies with terrific tunes and merry melodies more than mentioning MARIJUANA!

With nicknames like Blue sage, Catnip, Dope, Grass, Jive, Jay, Gauge, Tea, Vibe, Mary-Jane, and Jazz Cabbage – not to mention the standard reefer, pot, and weed … expect a wild night at Pangea that you’ll never forget … then again, what’s that about short term memory?

Rev. Mary has since taken the cabaret world by storm with her All-Man Band of Dan Furman on piano with Mario Claudio and George Dixon as back-up, with a host of guest musicians. She brought down the house at the Duplex with Granny’s Blue-Mers: The Meat Show and Down In the Alley. Both acts having toured clubs such as Pianos, Freddy’s Bar and Backroom, Otto’s, West End Lounge, and a return engagement at the Duplex. She presented her powerful one-woman exploration in The Lady in Black at Don’t Tell Mama on two occasions collecting scores of resounding reviews; and scored kudos as part of the Augusta Heritage Blues and Swing festival in West Virginia.  She also produced Sing-ular Sensations at Don’t Tell Mama, spotlighting three cabaret artists’ one-person shows.

Tickets will be on sale shortly. For further information contact Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment at 347-497-4814 or

jay high poster


Synopsis of “Jilted to Perfection”
Debra, a shamed and divorced Mormon mother, recounts her botched and consequential Metropolitan Opera audition, and introduces her first sight of a strange and older man, Fred, who seems to know her already. Both working as extras in an opera, Fred claims that Debra is his “true wife,” and pursues her despite her fears, her missed dates, and her biases. He steals a kiss that is like no other, and Debra’s passion fights with practicality. Jilted, he reacts with a vow to celibacy in a Scientology order and moves to LA  ,as Debra, uninformed, proclaims her love. After getting routed out of the Sea Org by his third wife’s protestations, Fred writes Debra, and the long distance affair leads to marriage. Time passes and Debra is overcome by the set-backs & hardships of “living the dream,” and by Fred’s declining health and demeanor. They continue to re-boot their family and career in moves to LA and Utah, where Debra’s son, Aaron, is at the effect of their calamitous search to make their “Mission” as artists viable.  She cannot identify the underpinning that keeps her in the relationship, but Fred’s gravity as a seeker wins out. He becomes a healthy & cherished mentor, father educator, and philosopher. Their love matures and deepens, yet Fred passes unexpectedly while Debra is away. She questions if she can grow through the adversity of loosing her soul-mate, but is comforted by her own mother’s unique perspective of Fred’s perfection. 5 year old Granddaughter McKinslee sings an Alleluia celebrating Grandpa Fred’s searching questions.
Commentary of the “Jilted to Perfection” Story
This story really happened. It is based on the 23 year challenging love affair of two artists, Fred and Debra Cook, and their unlikely pairing. Debra is a shamed and recently divorced Mormon mother of two children fleeing from Utah to New York, without alimony nor child support, hoping to expand upon a career as an opera singer. Fred much older, an almost destitute actor/director,just finishing his 4th marriage, with 4 children, and a high-ranking Scientologist. After Debra flubbs a rare Metropolitan Opera Audition, they meet at New York City Opera as “Supernumeraries.” Fred was there because an actress quit one of his plays for more money to act in Carmen, and Fred was fascinated by the novelty of being in an opera. Debra deigned to be an “actor” in the production because her son had a paid position in the Children’s’ Chorus. So, Fred was cast as the Priest and Debra as the Nun. She had been admonished by clergy to date only Mormons, and well-to-do ones at that. Yet, Fred’s immediate proclamation that Debra was his “true wife” precipitated her reaction to repel him, albeit there was an inexplicable gravity pulling her towards him. He said, “Well, if I can’t be with my true wife, then I’ll be an ascetic and join the Sea Org.” Their recruiters promised him a post making movies for the Church. His time in the Sea Org was a debacle, and his third wife, also a Sea Org Scientologist, got him routed out, and Fred was soon writing Cyrano-esque letters to Debra from across the country. His unflappable spirit and inspirations led the family through a series of misadventures, including an unpopular marriage, Hollywood rip-off artists, 4 of 6 kids with addiction issues, failed business schemes, and a move to Park City, where a fledgling music store and school eventually became a local legacy. When Fred suddenly passed away, even the funeral director said his service was the greatest show he had ever seen, and Fred’s professed love story with Debra, his heuristic teaching and philosophy, and his unconditional love for everyone, became part of the local folklore. Fred was the unseen consultant in the 4 years that Debra worked on the Sleepy Hollow Musical’s creative team, and he became not only her mentor and greatest fan, but the reason that she and her family press on as artist/educators in a sea of disillusioned cynics. He left them a legacy to build upon as they celebrate taking risks and learning from their experience.
Video of “Mini” version of Jilted to Perfection performed at the 2018 New York New Works Theatre Festival at the Acorn on Theatre Row, NYC:


Janet Cella joins the board of directors as president of one of New York’s most ambitious and cutting-Edge Theater companies.

“I’m very excited and honored to be chosen as president of the board of this truly compelling organization,” the entrepreneur and philanthropist with ties to New York Stage and Film, NY Philharmonic, and Scholarship Funds, said about Animus Theatre Company; “I can see that I am part of the future of great art in New York” she concluded. Ms. Cella (pictured here) is known in stage and film circles as she served as a former associate producer (among other duties) for Pigasus Pictures’ The Good Catholic and Ms. White Light.

Animus Theatre Company, whose recent critically acclaimed production of Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me was cited by prominent writer/reviewer, Robert Viagas, as its director having “masterfully orchestrated ebb and flow of speech, action and emotion;” and its actors as offering-up “brutally honest performances.”

Currently in development now is their annual 12-Hour Reading Festival at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre; a new Season Selection Development Series; which will feature public workshops and readings of plays in consideration for future seasons; and a stunning new adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s Henry VI Parts 2 & 3, which focuses on a weak king and the collapse of his kingdom. Artistic director, Jonathan Judge-Russo is finding great comparison to more current governments to utilize for this adaptation.

Animus also has a reputation of working with prominent artists. The company premiered “Surfer Girl” written by Leslye Headland, the co-creator of the Netflix phenomenon, “Russian Doll,” and a recent 12-hour reading festival honoring Beth Henley featured performances by Carol Kane and Bill Pullman.

The Floor is Lava

May 09 – May 19, 2019

Downstairs | 66 East 4th Street

Thursday to Saturday at 8PM; Sunday at 5PM

$25 Tickets; $20 Student/Senior Tickets [+$1 Facility Fee]

Written by Alex Riad
Directed by Glory Kadigan

In high school, Sean was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” Ten years later, and not where he expected to be in life, he reunites with his high-school buddies at the launch party of their friend’s hugely successful app. Set in a world consumed by social media, The Floor Is Lava follows a group of millennials struggling with success, jealously, and the true meaning of connection.


“The Floor is Lava is a masterfully written play by Alex Riad.” – -Outer-Stage, Danielle Boss

“Not just for coders and PR flacks.” -Culture Catch, Leah Richards and John Ziegler

Alex Riad (Playwright) is a New York based Playwright/Screenwriter originally from The San Francisco Bay Area. He’s The Literary Fellow at The Farm Theater and member of The Actor’s Studio Playwright Unit. Theatre Credits: THE FLOOR IS LAVA (Farm Theater, 2017 Planet Connections Festival Best Play), IF YOU EVER COME BY HERE and “ When You Go”, part of ZURICH, NY ( Essential Theatre Group), STANDBYS (2013 Thespis Festival), and WHERE SHE HANGS (Rondo Theatre). Film Credits: Scenes From The Underground (Feature Film, expected 2019). TV Credits: Co-Creator and Showrunner for the web series WHAT AM I DOING HERE? Streaming Online in 2019.

Glory Kadigan (Director) founded Planet Connections Theatre Festivity and served as The Producing Artistic Director for six seasons. She recently directed: VIVIAN’S MUSIC 1969 at 59 E 59, CLOVER by Erik Ehn at La MaMa, BANK by Lucy Thurber, MEAN GIRLS by Lyle Kessler, and BITING THE BULLET by Regina Taylor. Kadigan is also a playwright whose work has been presented in Singapore, London and New Zealand.



Hunger Theatre fills up on American classics

Hunger Theatre, a NYC-based theatre company, described as “small but relentless in their pursuit of excellent storytelling,” will honor one the 20th Century’s greatest storytellers, Arthur Miller, with a new production of The Crucible.

The Access Gallery Space, 380 Broadway, New York City

Opening May 2; Running Thursday-Sunday @ 8pm through May 18. Special matinee performance, Saturday, May 11 @ 3pm

“Scrappy, weird, hungry theatre-makers”

Hunger Theatre’s mission: to produce great plays, new and old, with simplicity, playfulness, and daring. To conduct emotional electricity. To serve the human truth of each story above all else.

Co-founded by Allison Wick and Luke Wehner, alumni of Circle in the Square Theatre School and students of prominent acting coach, Ken Schatz, Hunger Theatre began in 2016 with a series of new one-act plays and later, a contract production of Mark Schultz’ Everything Will Be Different. Show-Score gave this production a plethora of accolades, including “First off, the entire cast deserves a standing ovation for their performance. Allison Wick (Charlotte) laid it all on the stage and it was magnificent. Ms. Wick handles the emotional weight brilliantly.” “The lead actress is so brilliant that it’s worth seeing just for that… The story is powerful, well written and leaves you truly impacted. This is the kind of theater that makes me love living in New York.”

Ms. Wick will direct and appear in Crucible. Casting will be like the company itself: experimental, non-traditional, unique. “I want to combine the emotion and urgency of the piece with the experimentation that comes from a smaller ensemble and pared-down production.” Ms. Wick remarked with auditions about two weeks away. “This play is a masterpiece. It doesn’t need to be ‘reimagined’ to make it compelling or relevant. That being said, our production won’t be stuffy or strictly by-the-book,” she said emphatically.

After a successful premiere at the Hudson Guild Theatre this past January as part of the New York Theatre Festival’s 2019 NYWinterfest, A Therapy Session with Myself – Anthony J. Piccione’s controversial, semi-autobiographical drama about living with mental illness and Asperger’s syndrome – returns this May for an ongoing series of monthly afternoon performances at the legendary Kraine Theater.
Performances are scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of each month at 2pm beginning May 18th. Tickets cost $25 dollars and can be purchased by visiting
A Therapy Session with Myself tells the story of Alex Grayson, a young college student and aspiring writer living with severe social anxiety, depression, and Asperger’s syndrome. During the summer before his senior year, he receives a mysterious visit from “himself”, a human incarnation of his inner consciousness. As they interact, Alex is forced to reflect on his own flaws and personality quirks, as well as some of the darkest and most painful memories of his adolescence, while also pondering the question of whether or not he can overcome his inner demons, and ultimately build a brighter future for himself.
Mr. Piccione described his inspiration for the play in an interview with Five-Star Arts Journals last December. “[It’s] a semi-autobiographical play that’s mainly inspired by real-life events that occurred from my first year of high school up to my last year of college, [and] I’d say the actual story itself is about 80 to 90 percent the truth, with only some minor changes,” according to Piccione, who went on to say that “[w]hen people come see the show, it’ll likely feel more like a stream of consciousness, rather than a traditional story with a beginning, middle, and end, so I imagine it’ll raise at least as many questions as answers. But still, my hope for this play is that it leaves people thinking about issues of social anxiety, depression, and Asperger’s syndrome [in] a different way than perhaps they used to.”
Returning to direct is award-winning director Holly Payne-Strange, who last year was named Best Director for her work on Opposites and Contradictions at the NYC Theatre Festival and Showcase at Theatre 80. St Marks, while acclaimed actor/director/songwriter Andres Gallardo Bustillo returns in the dual roles of assistant director and stage manager.
Returning actors include Nick Roy, Shane Zimmerman, Nathan Cusson, Emma Romeo, Louise Heller, Tony Bozanich, Travis Martin, Rosie Coursey, and Lizzy Moreno, with additional casting announcements to be made in the coming weeks.
Anthony J. Piccione is an award-winning playwright and producer based in New York City. His full-length drama A Therapy Session with Myself premiered in January 2019 at the Hudson Guild Theatre before transferring to the Kraine Theater for an ongoing series of monthly performances. Additionally, his eclectic canon of one-acts have previously been presented in NYC at the Hudson Guild Theatre, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, Midtown International Theatre Festival, and Manhattan Repertory Theatre, as well as at regional venues such as Playhouse on Park, Hole in the Wall Theatre, the Windsor Art Center, and Windham Theatre Guild. His short drama What I Left Behind was named the NYWinterfest’s Best Short Play of 2018, and he was also nominated for Planet Connections Theatre Festivity’s Outstanding Playwright award for his avant-garde one-act 4 $tages. His work as a playwright has been published at JAC Publishing and Promotions, Heuer Publishing & Off The Wall Plays, and his articles and reviews are frequently published at OnStage Blog. He received his BA in Theatre from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2016 and is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild of America. 
For more information, please visit
The Archbishop’s Ceiling by Arthur Miller

Regeneration Theatre presents a revival of a show never seen in New York City – The Archbishop’s Ceiling.

Three old friends meet up in an unnamed country, probably in Eastern Europe and cannot be sure who is still a friend, who is still an enemy, and whether higher powers are listening in on every word they say for their own ends. We’ll leave the audience to draw their own conclusions…

Maya – Kristen Gehling
Irina – Jessica Carollo

Further casting to be announced soon.

Stage Manager: Allison Hohman
Lighting Designer: Domino Mannheim
Directed by Barnaby Edwards

IRTE 2019: Fasten your seat belts!!!

Evil-Clowns-Have-Feelings-Too-Poster (1)PowerPoint Presentation

Evil Clowns Have Feelings, Too

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS May 3, 4, 10 & 11, 8:00pm

Tickets $15 Online / $17 at the Door

The Producers Club

358 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036

Conceived by Izzy Church

With Special Guest Improvisers TBA

When their car breaks down in the woods, the Poolander’s family vacation comes to a screeching halt, forcing them to seek refuge in an old cabin in the woods until help arrives. Little do they know, that a bunch of evil clowns own the cabin and are having a really, really bad day. 

Join the IRTE jesters, fools and jokers in this improvised and totally terrifying family comedy.

Featuring Musical Guests TBA

Go to Sleep, Stupid Kids!

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS May 31, June 1, 7 & 8, 8:00pm

Tickets $15 Online / $17 at the Door

The Producers Club

358 West 44th Street

New York, NY 10036

Original Concept by Nannette Deasy

Directed by Robert Baumgardner

With Special Guest Improvisers TBA

Jamie’s been twelve for THREE WHOLE MONTHS and has NEVER had a “big kid” slumber party. That’s all going to change in this improvised sequel to IRTE’s hit comedy “Happy Birthday, Stupid Kid!” Grab your sleeping bag and your best PJs and hope that Jamie’s dysfunctional family doesn’t embarrass him in front of the cool kids!

Featuring Musical Guests TBA


The Movie

Johnny B. Dunn’s FREE RANGE is back in the saddle.

[This articled first appeared in BroadwayWorld]

Earlier this season Frank Calo and All Out Arts in conjunction with The Wild Project presented an LGBT Film Event as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival: a reading of Johnny B. Dunn’s new screenplay, FREE RANGE.

It’s a bullying story with a few new twists. National rodeo champion and local hero, Chad Raines, returns home to his father’s ranch after a bull-riding accident to contemplate the end of his career. Father & son are tormented by the loss of Chad’s mother and his brother, whose cries for help went unanswered … until it was too late. Unable to reconcile with his guilt, Chad turns to drugs and liquor.

Here is where Dunn’s tome becomes even more topical and unusual at the same time. The heterosexual rodeo champion – plagued by memories of past actions – seeks redemption by coaching a group of bullied LGBTQ high school students in his state’s rodeo competition. Chad agrees to coach the local high school Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) to prepare them for a rodeo. Meanwhile, this rodeo would be pitting another brother against brother. Toby, president of the local GSA will compete against Mark, the president of the Rodeo club. They, like Chad and his deceased brother, don’t see eye-to-eye … to say the least, with Toby battling for respect and Mark, emerging as one of the harassers of the GSA. With the seminal event (the Rodeo) impending and haunted by the memory of his brother, who – because of bullying – committed suicide, Chad must decide – like his father and the entire town – what side he’s on.

The reading received highly positive mentions from Jed Ryan of LavendarAfterDark, Evan Meena from Indie-Pictures-Blog, and this commentary from celebrated journalist and playwright, Doug DeVita:

“As a story, “Free Range” builds and sustains interest through its atmospheric dialogue, colorful locations, tense action, and the people one just plain loves, loves to hate, and/or hates to love. And as a potential film, the screenplay has that emotional arc that grabs its audience right from the beginning and takes them along for the sometimes wild ride, getting them rooting for Chad and the students right up through the exciting, and emotionally true, finale. With bullying – of all stripes – once again on the rise, it’s time for a story, and film, like “Free Range” to be told, and shown, to the widest audience possible.”

Interest in turning the screenplay into an independent film has grown greatly in the last few months with producer, Connie Hoy, joining the team.

Connie has worked in the film industry for over twenty- five years. She began her independent film journey by working under such directors as the Coen Brothers, Jim Jarmusch, and Kathryn Bigelow. Her most recent film, BATTLECREEK was released theatrically a year ago. It was directed by Alison Eastwood and starred Bill Skarsgard, Paula Malcomson, Claire van der Boom & Delroy Lindo. Connie produced the 2010 documentary THE HEART IS A DRUM MACHINE which looks at why humans make and love music. In 2010 Connie produced the upcoming feature film QUEENS OF COUNTRY. QUEENS stars Lizzy Caplan, Ron Livingston, Joe Lo Truglio & Matt Walsh. Connie was presented with the 1998 Arizona Women in Film “Vision” award for her contributions to the Arizona film community and her directorial debut HACK. Connie’s credits include Jim Jarmusch’s DEAD MAN starring Johnny Depp & Gaberial Byrne, MYSTERY TRAIN starring Steve Buschemi & Joe Strummer, RAISING ARIZONA, BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE and NEAR DARK Directed by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow.

Sizzle reels and Look Books are being coordinated through the offices of Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment. JMAE has overseen the promotion of independent films including the documentary, HEART OF THE COMMUNITY (about media mogul Steven Ross); film shorts, TWELVE FINGERS; NORMAN; feature lengths, BENEATH THE ROCK; THE WATCHTOWER; and Creative Ammo’s Downtown Urban Arts Film Festival at the TriBeCa Film Center. As a producer, JMAE credits include SLINGS & ARROWS (based on Hamlet); the short film about the automotive industry, CODE RED, and the period piece, EARTHMEN. Currently JMAE has FREE RANGE and filmmaker, Marc Baron’s MEGGABALLS on solicitation.

Screenwriter, Johnny B. Dunn, known for his unique stories, characterization and dialogue, has several awards on his own gun-belt. FREE RANGE: Winner, One in Ten International Competition; SOULS IN A VOID: Winner-First Place, Gemini International Playwriting Competition; FINDING ROOM: Finalist, 2011 BlueCat Screenplay Competition; LOVE RESTORED: Finalist in the Buffalo/Niagara Film Festival screenwriting competition.

“It’s a story that needs to be told,” said Dunn, to Jed Ryan of Lavender After-Dark. Citing similar works, Dunn mentioned the success of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: “… research showed that people drove in for miles to see it.” But Dunn is very clear whom he wants his audience to be, “It needs to stay PG-13!  It needs to stay at a level that would be welcome to anyone.  I think if you had something rated PG-13, it would really be cool if parents went with their kids to go see it, as a way of beginning to build acceptance.”

To learn more, contact Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment at 646-338-5472 or


Art Imitates Life and Life Should Be Savored.

Five Star Arts Journals and Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment will spotlight a series of artists who have devoted themselves to helping people celebrate their lives.

Mary Elizabeth Micari has developed a new method of vocal training that strengthens your voice… and you. The MCenter Vocal Academy in Manhattan provides focused, entertaining, enriching vocal performance classes & lessons. Each student will receive a full portfolio of audition songs as well as learn the essentials of stage technique, musicianship, music history and theory.

What sets this above others of its kind is the fact that it is ONE-OF-A-KIND. Ms. Micari has created a new teaching method. You’ve tried Stanislavski, you’ve tried Meisner. Now, get on the P.A.T.H. Performing Arts Training-HOLISTICALLY, created by Mary E. Micari, this method includes meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki, fear-removal and personal empowerment.

For more information, please contact: • 646-338-5472 •



Veronica Moya, an international performer with stage, film, and TV credits heard the call. She tapped into her innate spirituality and combined it with her endless energy and ambition to help those who are lost. Focusing on your people, she is somewhat like a spiritual life coach – helping people tap into their own inner stregeth to move forward. 

ANDREW ROTHKIN, the producing artistic director of White Rabbit Productions has entered into a partnership with producer/publicist JAY MICHAELS.

Currently the partnership is developing two stage works into short films. The first, penned by Rothkin:

Love Bites: With elements of Hitchcock and Takashi Miike’s The Audition, LOVE BITES tells the tale of a young woman who sharing the travails of her bad relationships is simply not enough.

Earthmen: The celebrated period-piece written by Joanne de Simone, about a meeting between a runaway slave and an enigmatic Native American on the eve of the Emancipation Proclamation.


Genre: Comedy Feature Film
Expect MPAA Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 105 mins
Location: New York City
Budget:  $3,500,000

Tag Line: You never know when your number’s up!

Log Line: When a computer geek, determined to prove he can predict winning lotto results, uncovers his plan has been bankrolled by the Mob, he struggles to beat the odds before his number’s up.

Status: Now Financing.  Seeking accredited investors; offering is SEC Reg D/506c compliant; Sect 181 grandfathered; New York State Film Tax Credit of 30% applies.

Explore more information by going through the above menu options


#MegaBalls #Mballs #Oroloro

An independent comedy feature film by Oroloro Entertainment

Ms. Merson has a long history of supporting and developing new plays and playwrights as the Founder/Producing Artistic Director of New York Theatre Intensives (NYTI) and through her work at such theatres as New Dramatists, Manhattan Theatre Club, Lion Theatre (which she co founded) and the O’Neill Theatre Center.

Her mentoring skills have been polished through significant time on Broadway, in regional theatre and in the Off-Off Broadway developmental world.

Appearing as an actress in the Broadway productions of Zefirelli’s SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY and CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD, she also co created and appeared in the original production of VANITIES, Off Broadway, in which she performed over 800 times. Her first play REFLECTIONS OF A CHINA DOLL was produced Off Broadway at the Ensemble Studio Theatre which seeded her ongoing relationship as an active artist and board member of EST on both coasts.

Moving to Los Angeles, Susan co-founded and served as moderator for the Los Angeles Writers Bloc with writer Jane Anderson, which has supported the work of such writers as Donald Margulies, (Pulitzer), Noni White and Bob Tzudike (Tony for Newsies), Irene Mecchi (Lion King), Janet Fitch (White Oleanders) and countless others since the 1980’s.
She has served in LA as Artistic Director of the Streisand Festival for New Plays, Associate Producer at the Fountain and Mark Taper Forum, Resident Playwright for the Jewish Women’s Theatre Project, Literary Manager of the Ensemble Studio Theatre/ LA and has worked as a reader for Fogwood Films, TNT, and Polygram and many others.

Her many plays have been seen at theatres across the US and Canada.  DAMN EVERYTHING BUT THE CIRCUS: 2 short plays About the Circus  at the FOUNTAIN THEATRE in Los Angeles and Ensemble Studio Theatre/NYC in readings. BETWEEN PRETTY PLACES, a play with music written by Shellen Lubin, premiered at the Pacific Resident Theatre in Los Angeles and as part of the HERE ARTS Sublet Series in Manhattan, full production 13th Street Rep. NYC has also seen WHITE BIRCHES at the Avant Garde Arts Festival, CARLA TELLS US WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BLUE BEDROOM at Berkshire Playwrights Lab, I BELIEVE IN MARRIAGE at the League of Professional Theatre Women’s One Act Festival and WHEN THEY GO AND YOU DO NOT at both the EstroGenius Festival and EST/6th Floor/NY and the Fountain Theatre in LA. HAIR: A REMINISCENCE a Heideman Award finalist at Louisville; and BOUNTY OF LACE a Religion and Theatre Award recipient. Plays continue to be done across country. 
Screenplay nods have gone to SWIMMING UPSTREAM and DEATH IN VIENNA, both developed with Jimola Productions. As a fiction writer, her work has appeared in various journals and anthologies. Her novel DREAMING IN DAYLIGHT and a recent collection of plays and memoir WHEN THEY GO AND YOU DO NOT: Writing on Transition are available on Amazon along with her book on solo performance, YOUR NAME HERE: An Actor Writers Guide to Solo Performance. now features the AUDIOBOOK version of DREAMING IN DAYLIGHTOH GOOD NOW THIS, her second novel, is finished and preparing for publication as of 2018.

She currently leads the programs of New York Theatre Intensives. She remains a long time member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre and the League of Professional Theatre Women and is the founder and moderator of the NY Writers Bloc.


The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews with Cult and Classic Video Game Developers by Patrick Hickey
Featuring interviews with the creators of 36 popular video games—including Deus Ex, Night Trap, Mortal Kombat, Wasteland and NBA Jam—this book gives a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of some of the most influential and iconic (and sometimes forgotten) games of all time. Recounting endless hours of painstaking development, the challenges of working with mega publishers and the uncertainties of public reception, the interviewees reveal the creative processes that produced some of gaming’s classic titles.


“From arcade rats to indie developers, Hickey gives an intimate look at the personalities behind gaming with the passion of a fanboy and the attention of a scholar.” —Cesar R. Bustamante, Jr., New York Daily News

A short play. In preparation for the New Year, a Village housewife joins businesspeople, locals and tourists as they question what matters to them. As technology continues to fascinate, isolate and shape our lives, how do we encounter our New York City? Individual script purchases do not include rights/royalties for performance.


Gary Morgenstein wrote the critically acclaimed off-Broadway rock musical The Anthem, as well as Mad Mel Saves the World, and his dramatic works range from A Tomato Can’t Grow in the Bronx to Right on TargetPonzi Manand Saving Stan. Morgenstein’s literary works include the upcoming science fiction-baseball novel A Mound Over Hell, set in 2098 following America’s defeat in World War Three. The first book in The Dark Depths trilogy, A Mound Over Hell will be published by BHC Press in March 2018. His other novels include Jesse’s GirlLoving Rabbi Thalia KleinmanTake Me Out to the Ballgame and The Man Who Wanted to Play Center Field for the New York Yankees.


A Mound over Hell (March 2018, BHC Press) – Baseball, a sport now identified with terrorism and treason, begins its final season in 2098 following America’s loss to a radical enemy in World War Three. Revitalized by the miraculous appearance of great players from the past fueling one last hurrah, baseball becomes a pawn between those who want peace and those who want another war.

This first novel in THE DARK DEPTHS trilogy.



The Lambs ® is America’s First Professional Theatrical Club, established in New York in 1874, and not a public restaurant. As a social club, The Lambs nurtures those active in the arts, as well as those who are supporters of the arts, by providing fellowship, activities and a clubhouse for its members. Established Christmas week of 1874, and incorporated on May 9, 1877. The Lambs was named after a club by the same name in London, England, which flourished between 1869-1879. The Club’s name honors the essayist Charles Lamb, and his sister Mary, who, during the early 1800’s, played host to actors and literati at their famed salon in London.

The Lambs is a social gathering place for entertainment industry and art professionals. Performers, directors, writers, artists and technicians of the entertainment industry gather to celebrate their commonality, in a place where they come to enjoy each others’ company, and to display and hone their crafts in an atmosphere of creativity and support, and to nurture creative endeavors. The Lambs is also a historical society preserving and promoting our remarkable 141+ year history.

Historically, The Lambs has been the spawning ground of plays, friendships and partnerships. Mark Twain Tonight (with Hal Holbrook) and Stalag 17 were first performed at The Lambs prior to national success. Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe first met at the Club and teamed to make theatrical history, often trying works-in-progress on their fellow Lambs. The Lambs has been recognized by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and by Pope John Paul II.

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