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Russ Woolley proudly Presents Richard Skipper Celebrates…Those Glorious Black and White Warner Brothers Musicals!

This is the first show of our third season

September 9 AT 1:00 P.M.
The Laurie Beechman Theatre
407 W 42nd St, New York cITY

Guests include:
Bob Diamond, Meg Flather, Doreen Montalvo,  Zachary Stains, and Lisa Viggiano

with The Richard Skipper Celebrates Band: Daniel Glass on Percussion, Tom Hubbard on bass, Erik Lawrence on Sax.

Relentlessly Pleasant, written and directed by TIC founder and artistic director, Jake Lipman, concerns a series of workplace calamities threaten the launch day of a feminist co-working space! A comedy about work, life, and the pursuit of balance. This world premiere will be performed Wednesday through Saturday, Oct. 10 – Oct. 27 @ 7:30 PM, with Sunday matinees on Oct. 14 & 21 @ 2:30 PM in New York City.

All Out Arts in conjunction with The Wild Project presents An LGBT Film Event as part of the Fresh Fruit Festival.

FREE RANGE (WINNER: One-in-Ten International Competition) will be shown as a staged presentation of the screenplay by Johnny B. Dunn; presentation directed by A.J. Ciccotelli, assisted by Payton Crispe, and produced by Frank Calo on SUNDAY, AUGUST 26 @ 2:00 p.m. at The Wild Project, 195 E 3rd St, New York, NY 10009. Admission is $10 and refreshments will be served at a reception with talk-back immediately following the presentation. This is one of three special film-related presentations:


MCenter Vocal Academy • 646-338-5472 •
focused, entertaining, enriching vocal performance classes & lessons

Study and Present Works by the Great Musical Masters

Each student will receive
a full portfolio of audition songs as well as learn the essentials of
stage technique, musicianship, music history and theory.

Classes include acting technique plus a full-range of vocal work, coaching, performance prep, music analysis, and in-depth looks at composers and other music professionals.

FOLLOW THE P.A.T.H.: Performing Arts Training-HOLISTICALLY
created by Mary E. Micari, this method includes meditation, aromatherapy,
Reiki, fear-removal and personal empowerment.

Director Laurie Rae Waugh and prolific author, Irving A. Greenfield, have teamed once again to present another one of the author/playwright’s controversial works, Banned in Bisbee, running Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm and Sunday 3pm, from September 5 – 16 at the American Theater of Actors 314 W 54th St, New York.. Waugh, along with actor/technician Ken Coughlin have brought together the works of powerful New York-based authors and present their works in a series of productions at the landmark American Theatre of Actors. Laurie Rae Waugh and Ken Coughlin have produced, directed, and performed in plays and films by such authors as James Crafford, the late Steve Silver, and Mr. Greenfield.

The latest, Banned in Bisbee, features Mr. Coughlin with Manny Rey, Tony Scheer, Aaron Vargas, Robert Uller. Joshuah Patriarco, Nick Pascarella, Gina Sarno, Meredith Flood Rust, and Irving A Greenfield, himself.


Casting has begun for the latest production of playwright, Jeffrey E. Milstein and his prison expose: Fort Dicks – the Musical. Based a true story, Mr. Milstein, a prolific author both in NYC and regionally, tells the story of a low-level prison in a famed military installation – and then set it to music! The dark social commentary is played like a Marx Brothers movie complete with sight-gags and prat falls. And just like any old movie musical – Marx Brothers notwithstanding – it has a cast of thousands.

“I draw inspiration and patterns in my work from the comedic geniuses of Mel BrooksLarry David, & Carl Reiner. Its their kind of ‘laugh till you think’ philosophy that I put into my work,” says the ambitious, producer/director/playwright.

Fort Dicks opens in November at the American Theatre of Actors 314 W 54th St, New York.

Art Imitates Life and Life Should Be Savored.

Five Star Arts Journals and Jay Michaels Arts & Entertainment will spotlight a series of artists who have devoted themselves to helping people celebrate their lives.

Mary Elizabeth Micari has developed a new method of vocal training that strengthens your voice… and you. The MCenter Vocal Academy in Manhattan provides focused, entertaining, enriching vocal performance classes & lessons. Each student will receive a full portfolio of audition songs as well as learn the essentials of stage technique, musicianship, music history and theory.

What sets this above others of its kind is the fact that it is ONE-OF-A-KIND. Ms. Micari has created a new teaching method. You’ve tried Stanislavski, you’ve tried Meisner. Now, get on the P.A.T.H. Performing Arts Training-HOLISTICALLY, created by Mary E. Micari, this method includes meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki, fear-removal and personal empowerment.

For more information, please contact: • 646-338-5472 •


This year, Planet Connections’ signature event, designed to address a powerful social and topical issue facing our society today through engaging stage works, will explore the distinctions between gender and sexuality. The event will benefit THE ALI FORNEY CENTER, whose mission is to protect LGBTQ youths from the dangers of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently. The event will be the evening of August 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Theater at the 14th Street Y, 344 E 14th St, New York City.

Tickets are now on sale at

ACCEPTING APPLAUSE by Catherine Filloux
Directed by Susan Tenney


ANNA: Kim Blanck
RUDOLPH: John Fico

ANY OTHER NAME by Regina Taylor
Director – Shira-Lee Shalit


SERENA: Christina Toth
CYNTHIA: McKenzie Frye
ONE: Bethlehem Million

BANK by Lucy Thurber


DENISE: Lucy DeVito
CHARLIE: David Anzuelo



TAR: Esco Jouléy
CADI: Kita Updike
BLISS: Maria-Christina Oliveras

Both directed by Glory Kadigan

HOOTERS by Gabrielle Fox
Directed by Antonio Miniño


BECCA: Donna Vivino
SAMMY: James B Kennedy

Directed by Shaun Peknic


ANNE/MANUEL: Elizabeth A. Davis
KINGSLEY: Eddie Korbich
LYDIA WATTS: Susannah Perkins
JAMES KNOX: Bradley James Tejeda

Understudies for all plays include Planet Connections Award winners Ramiro Batista, Carlotta Brenton, Mle Chester, Molly Collier, Isra Elsalihie, Michael Gnat, Gina LeMoine, Vinny Eden Ortega and Sarah Grace Sanders.


Veronica Moya, an international performer with stage, film, and TV credits heard the call. She tapped into her innate spirituality and combined it with her endless energy and ambition to help those who are lost. Focusing on your people, she is somewhat like a spiritual life coach – helping people tap into their own inner stregeth to move forward. 

ANDREW ROTHKIN, the producing artistic director of White Rabbit Productions has entered into a partnership with producer/publicist JAY MICHAELS.

Currently the partnership is developing two stage works into short films. The first, penned by Rothkin:

Love Bites: With elements of Hitchcock and Takashi Miike’s The Audition, LOVE BITES tells the tale of a young woman who sharing the travails of her bad relationships is simply not enough.

Earthmen: The celebrated period-piece written by Joanne de Simone, about a meeting between a runaway slave and an enigmatic Native American on the eve of the Emancipation Proclamation.

International vocalist and dancer, Ronny Dutra, will be at The Duplex Cabaret Theater on September 8 at 7pm for an encore of his acclaimed musical presentation, THE WAVE. This autobiographical tale starts at his humble roots in Brazil and transports his audience to the fast paced world of competitive dance in New York City and finally to his current career as a cabaret performance artist. Ronny leads the audience on a musical adventure about one man’s pursuit to make a dream come true. The Duplex is located at 61 Christopher St. @ 7th Ave. NYC.

Wave played to sold-out crowds at the Triad, last year, and will begin a series of song and dance projects featuring Ronny Dutra.

Thank you for watering the seeds of our heart so that we can grow.
Bridget Barkan T.V. personality / Participant

After the first two nights of the New York New Works Theatre Festival, congrats to all! Gene Fisch Jr, you’re a generous visionary. Writers, directors, actors, and production staff, congrats on a fantastic beginning. I look forward to the rest of your new play festival!
Lauren Class Schneider Broadway Producer

You should check out this Festival.  The festival is founded by a terrific guy and they cover the vast majority of your costs.
Van Dean Broadway Producer

The New York New Works Theatre Festival is amazing.  Gene cares about people and helping to move their life forward and has put money where his passion is to help.   You can see his sincerity  in the following Good News  link:  .  I’vd been a proud board member since day one!
Paul Sladkus T.V. Excecutive

This festival is absolutely crucial. The work the NYNW does to encourage artists of all stripes (even those who didn’t realize they were artists) to tell their stories is nothing short of a gift. A gift to them, yes. But also a gift to all of us who love theater and want the theatrical canon to continue to reflect the world around us.
Ben Weisman  Producer

Congratulations to the finalists of the NewYorkNewWorksFestival and to its founder Gene Fisch, Jr. for passionately and generously bringing this festival to writers of plays and musicals . . . giving their work a fair shot . . . to be staged and seen by real industry professionals without breaking the bank!
Gayle Waxenberg New York Theatre Rep.

So honored to be a part of this!! Great writers, great actors, great scripts!
Paula Levine Emmy winning Director


The Minds Behind the Games: Interviews with Cult and Classic Video Game Developers by Patrick Hickey
Featuring interviews with the creators of 36 popular video games—including Deus Ex, Night Trap, Mortal Kombat, Wasteland and NBA Jam—this book gives a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of some of the most influential and iconic (and sometimes forgotten) games of all time. Recounting endless hours of painstaking development, the challenges of working with mega publishers and the uncertainties of public reception, the interviewees reveal the creative processes that produced some of gaming’s classic titles.


“From arcade rats to indie developers, Hickey gives an intimate look at the personalities behind gaming with the passion of a fanboy and the attention of a scholar.” —Cesar R. Bustamante, Jr., New York Daily News

Gary Morgenstein wrote the critically acclaimed off-Broadway rock musical The Anthem, as well as Mad Mel Saves the World, and his dramatic works range from A Tomato Can’t Grow in the Bronx to Right on TargetPonzi Manand Saving Stan. Morgenstein’s literary works include the upcoming science fiction-baseball novel A Mound Over Hell, set in 2098 following America’s defeat in World War Three. The first book in The Dark Depths trilogy, A Mound Over Hell will be published by BHC Press in March 2018. His other novels include Jesse’s GirlLoving Rabbi Thalia KleinmanTake Me Out to the Ballgame and The Man Who Wanted to Play Center Field for the New York Yankees.


A Mound over Hell (March 2018, BHC Press) – Baseball, a sport now identified with terrorism and treason, begins its final season in 2098 following America’s loss to a radical enemy in World War Three. Revitalized by the miraculous appearance of great players from the past fueling one last hurrah, baseball becomes a pawn between those who want peace and those who want another war.

This first novel in THE DARK DEPTHS trilogy.



The Lambs ® is America’s First Professional Theatrical Club, established in New York in 1874, and not a public restaurant. As a social club, The Lambs nurtures those active in the arts, as well as those who are supporters of the arts, by providing fellowship, activities and a clubhouse for its members. Established Christmas week of 1874, and incorporated on May 9, 1877. The Lambs was named after a club by the same name in London, England, which flourished between 1869-1879. The Club’s name honors the essayist Charles Lamb, and his sister Mary, who, during the early 1800’s, played host to actors and literati at their famed salon in London.

The Lambs is a social gathering place for entertainment industry and art professionals. Performers, directors, writers, artists and technicians of the entertainment industry gather to celebrate their commonality, in a place where they come to enjoy each others’ company, and to display and hone their crafts in an atmosphere of creativity and support, and to nurture creative endeavors. The Lambs is also a historical society preserving and promoting our remarkable 141+ year history.

Historically, The Lambs has been the spawning ground of plays, friendships and partnerships. Mark Twain Tonight (with Hal Holbrook) and Stalag 17 were first performed at The Lambs prior to national success. Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe first met at the Club and teamed to make theatrical history, often trying works-in-progress on their fellow Lambs. The Lambs has been recognized by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and by Pope John Paul II.

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